Shirin Abu Shaqra

Hotel Naïm (film – 2017)


2017, 15′

Festival de Cannes, Quinzaine des réalisateurs (Director’s Fortnight)

One country, 8 directors, 6 nationalities, 4 short films, one feature film.


Cinema is a universal language when we talk about shot values and cameras. Making cinema on the other hand, is naturally a more nuanced experience. The challenge of the Factory begins when we had to write a story, build a solid team and scout for locations in a limited time. The bigger mind stretch happened when in decision-making one had to navigate between two aesthetics. This art making experience revived in me two ongoing mysteries: can we understand complex societies by speaking a common language? And when translating culture, when do we insist on artistic subjectivity and when do we opt for objective anthropology? The aim is to find the common ground to various specificities to make storytelling universal.


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